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  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:
    你喜欢万圣节吗? 在中国发现万圣节一半的人做什么好玩儿的呢? 我想去买万圣节的服装和化妆品。 你知道好的地方买哪个吗? 你想不想做万圣节的庆况呢? 我等不了! 那是我最喜欢的节日因为我可以穿很有特点的衣服也可以活在我的幻想里面。

    Where can you get Halloween stuff? What do most people do for Halloween in Beijing?
    What do you think of Halloween and why?
  • 被心放逐 Lilian
  • HanKs Bao
    HanKs Bao wrote:
  • 被心放逐 Lilian
    嘿嘿,俺就觉得那得东西很全,而且是 应节 的。就是人多了点
  • Tibby Pandanianna
    Ohh there will be parties trust me!
    And for costume, I heard YA BAO LU or the RUSSIAN MARKET in Chaoyangmen. Though the market is huge but there are not really many choices.
  • NN
    NN wrote:
    So what style do your guys plan for the halloween?
    Bunny girl or Mickey Mouse would be interesting ;)

  • Jenny L.
    Jenny L. wrote:
    I'm also lookin' for a place to buy Halloween outfits or at least some nice accessory but @WU I only see people seeling masks =(

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