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  • 李寅明
    李寅明 wrote:
    Hello ,I am very happy to introduce my band for you. My band named "Caravan band ", it was founded in 2007. We have three most important graduated in the band from the Beijing Contemporary Music Institute.The band specializes in jazz, country, blues, Bossa Nova and other nationality light music and constant innovation, we are very popular in restaurants the hotel industry, customers since its establishment. Band personnel fixed, performance experience From 2007 to now。the band has successively participated in 2007,2008 Beijing Contemporary Music Institute of New Year's Concert,Beijing International Studies University 2009 Russian-week closing,Bashang grassland gushi military race course cowboy bonfire party in 2009.2009 SOHO Shangdu huajiayiyuan restaurant resident band. We are very interesting in music.so we are looking forward to working with you to create a bright future and this is our demo: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/BbbDWR4dbe8/ TEL:13141223315 QQ:165659246 MSN:lym262003@hotmail.com.cn E-mail:lym262003@yahoo.com.cn

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