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    BLCUer wrote:

    hey, everyone. I am a student and am learning Chinese in BLCU. I and my Chinese friend launched a community website which url is http://www.blcuer.com.

    BLCUer is a global networking for all BLCers and the people who learn Chinese all over the world.

    In another words, BLCUer (北语人) is a community for all BLCUers who are current and former students, as well as others who have lived in the area. It is NOT endorsed and controlled by the administrator of BLCU.Our goal here is to keep in touch with one another, assist new/prospective students make the transition from their home to BLCU, and have free and open dialogues about the campus.We are all BLCUers.

    if you are BLCUer or will go to blcu, or just like learnng Chinese, Please join us.

    the url is http://www.BLCUer.com

    thanks for your attention.

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