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  • Jamesfeng
    Jamesfeng wrote:
    "The Moonlight before, suspected on the ground frost. I raise my eyes to the moon, who is Guo Degang." Sun Story ÞÛ ÞÛ a few group of monkeys under the chin hair, deep feeling Chant.
      "The older since you become a Buddha, more and learned the" Ba-jie timely patted monkey fart.
    "Zhu Ba-jie You always do not love learning, learn from the forum know when bubble fairy MM, you have to learn to master, the master never Forum irrigation, but in the sen-eighth, demon term, high visibility, because the master to open Bo, and will learn on the road every day
    Just a trifling matter into the blog, sun drying, although are all rubbish, but they are a demon love to read, and now have networks in the Western Paradise of the Buddha bori top of the board. In fact, three of the most intelligent Zanxiong Di not me, and certainly will not be you, but the sand The Young, others do not speak out of turn, do not try to get credit, the burden of a day one pick, like a hard working, and know to lead the learning, secret diary every day, learn to come back after the publication of the "Sha Seng Diary", now more than seven-digit royalties on the. "
    "The older, do you think is the Western Paradise to the Western Paradise Network ah, that was www.icancn.com! Although I did not love learning, but it will not like you, learn from their experience on the road playing small monsters only know to upgrade, so that the master is to worry about."
    "Do not mention past, life has been more wind and rain, and now the most important thing is to the Mid-autumn Day, how to master and cents sessions Leaders gifts. In previous years, all send their astronomical moon cakes, gifts to be sent out every six months my salary, distressed I get ah, the night direct dial monkey hair, and now the Jade Emperor, rectifying cents term holiday market, astronomical moon cakes that slick Dongdong has been off the shelf. I intend to go this year, Wu Gang, where to buy a few altar sweet-scented osmanthus wine, Wu Gang since the registration of of the "Chang'e" plates, find Chang made a brand ambassador, has now swept the public session of the demon cents, and get there from the Queen Mother of "temple exemption certificate", is now not unusual to drink on a demon sen had. "
    "The older, or else say you are a Chinese fairy does, everything can not do without eating and drinking, and now eat and drink can not let the leaders have been satisfied, I heard that seven fairies in the Galaxy side opened a bath center,Lao Zhu, Mid-autumn festivals no gift no gifts, gifts go to bath center, bath center. "
    "Zhu Ba-jie more and more thinking, and on, it was settled, and to act separately to strive for year-end appraisal rating can be a A-class"
    "OK, back to give you a bath of the VIP card, go first had."

  • NN
    NN wrote:

    I prefer to watch by TV,too lazy to read,you wrote too too too longgggggggggg

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