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  • Annia
    Annia wrote:
    HI~ everybody

    I'm a chinese girl just back to China from France. I'm looking for an appartment at Beijing and 1~2 roomate to share the charge.

    I'm easy-going, enjoy spending time with friends,like cooking,watching films and visiting museums. I do fine arts, drawing and painting, i can do any style.I don't smoke, no pets.I had experience of teaching chinese for the foreigners before, both for individuals and in a school.So if  u r a foreigner, u can have the free chinese classes:).I speak English and French. No matter boys or girls are welcome. I just need a single room, it doesn't need to be big, but comfortable and clean, that's all. I can accepte the price around 1000CNY, I'm not rich, still a student:P

    If anyone is interested or you have any good informations , pls let me know, thx a lot!

    a bientot!
  • Aurélien
    Aurélien wrote:

    Hey yo! Si tu trouves fais moi signe, car j'ai pas envie d'habiter a la fac, et je pourrais être un de tes roomate :/

    Passe sur msn si tu peux, internet ici c'est CRAZY et SLOW :/

    English: Well, contact me, i'm searching too.

  • Annia
    Annia wrote:

    Merde, je croyais que tu as deja trouve qq chose. ok, alors, c'est plus simple maintenant. il faut me dire ou tu veux haviter.

    me and Aurelien, i will start searching for an appartment with 2~3 rooms, anyone else wannna join?  BTW,Chao Yang district will be the best choise for me.

  • Romain Zang
    Romain Zang wrote:

    chere mademoiselle, beijing is too huge, even chaoyang is very unclear to people who r talking abt apartment. i know one of my frd has an apartment to let in baiziwan, so i know the average price in greater-guomao area is higher than 1000 per single room. i know near gongti there are plenty of frenches, and there is a centre culturelle francaise. knowing more abt the city is very important, after all in this country apartment renting is not full regulated by authorities, there will be lots of trouble if u want to move. as far as i know, few ppl can get deposit back. anyway, good luck with ur apartment hunting~

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Annia, have you found the place you want yet? Another member on WLIB is also looking for a place to move/share ... her screen name is 小辉, maybe you two can work somethint out?

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    Check out the housing section here on wlib.

    Buy & Sell -- > Housing

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