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    A good friend of mine from the US is currently in need of a liver transplant. He's 25 years of age, black blood type (I will get back on that one), the doctor told him that he has less than a year to live if he doesn't get the transplant. But the problem is the scarcity of livers in the US, he's been on the list for a while now, and things aren't looking up. Recently, I've heard rumor that china may have abandon livers for such transplant because they execute people and all that. Therefore I was thinking what if I can bring my friend here and have him go through the transplant. So does anybody know the proper procedure? How much will it cost? etc.... any help is appreciated.

    我的一个美国好友现在正需要肝脏移植。 他今年25, 黑人, 医生说他如果得不到肝脏移植, 他只有不到一年时间能活。 他现再在等肝源, 可是美国得肝源少, 所以他的希望不大。 但我最近听人说中国的肝源不错,所以我想问问可不可以让我朋友来中国做肝脏移植的手术, 如果可以, 都需要什么手续, 费用大约是多少?谢谢了!


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