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    On July 25th, smart City Tour took place in Beijing as the kick-off event of the smart class. The participants drove 200 fashionable smart cars and commenced a grand tour around the wonderful city of Beijing, not only celebrating the launch of the smart class, but also highlighting smart’s unique philosophy.

    smart has been paving its successful way through China ever since it launched into the Chinese market in April 2009. Not only does it provides solutions to urban mobility, but also brings a life style of joy, freedom, innovation and self-assurance.


    In front of more than 400 people of the smart class, Mr. Björn Hauber, General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz (China) Ltd., proudly announced the launch of the smart class. He said,” the smart class will become a personalized and interactive communication platform for all who come in contact with smart. Through smart City Tour and many other following events initiated by the smart class, we hope more and more city dwellers could enjoy a more functional, innovative and joyous urban life.”


    At two o’clock in the afternoon, 200 smart cars at Daimler Tower were ready to set out. Well designed smart logos on the fuel tank and special signage behind the fr

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