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  • Chapious
    Chapious wrote:
    Sometimes, when you walk alone in the City, looking around the people flowed out of the subway station. I want to ask how you knowing those strangers? post your idears babies~~~
  • BLUE
    BLUE wrote:

    I think it's difficult for me tu understand other's mind. I don't know whether they want to know other's mind. If I could I would become friends with those good.haha

  • Olive Zhu
    Olive Zhu wrote:

    i like to talk to the strangers while i am traveling somewhere, but always i am not the one to start the conversation.Talk to strangers is a very good experience, it is very cool that just say bye to each other after talk.But how, dont ask me.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    It might be interesting to note that for most people, when he/she is in the home turf, he/she might not be so brave as to talk to strangers on the street ... however, when the same person is in foreign land, he/she will have no choice but to talk to strangers to get directions, make friends etc ...

    So, maybe we could try this ... though you might have lived on this block for your life, or traveled on the same bus route for many years, tell yourself one day that you are new here, and need help from one stranger, and see if you can talk to one? Strange concept, but then, I am not normal ...


  • Serena
    Serena wrote:

    Beause my job i need talk to many different kinds of strangers.  i think it's not difficult to understand other's mind . 

  • Jem Lim
    Jem Lim wrote:

    you don't necessarily have to "understand people's mind" to initiate a conversation. it really depends on your intention as well as your approach.

    if it's part of your job to speak with "prospect clients" you shouldn't feel embarrass presenting yourself at all. for a conversation to start, all you need is a simple "Hi/Hello" and your winning SMILE :)

    in most populous and busy cities like New York, random conversations happen out of the blue. probably a lost person asking for directions or another one late for a meeting asking about the time. there's no assurance though that every person you  meet will be friendly. some will even find it difficult to return your smile. but it never hurts to always try.


  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    I'm not a big fan of the "random stranger approach."

    Personally, if I'm in a bad mood -- or preoccupied -- I hate being put on the defensive when my subway/bus/bar neighbor decides to initiate conversation, particularly if it's of the "where are you from/how long have you been in China/what do you do for work" variety.

  • Garina Y
    Garina Y wrote:

    i think "talk to stranger" depends on the one's mood that u'd like to approach. For instance, in rush hrs, if somebody talks to me in Subway...I may be not in a mood to start conversation with him/her (else inquire the dirctions or ways..)

    But if in the weekend (i am in a quite relax moond), in some cafe or bars, i had some experience of chatting with neighbour who is sitting next to me..sometimes are foreigners...especially around Wu Dao Kou, Nan Luo Gu Xiang or SanLiTun Village etc. Just common chats, easy and no big topics. it could be discussion abt the places  at whicht you r sitting...foods..wheather, the more simpler the better.. coz we r strangers

    I am agree with Olive's points. Aft talks, we just say "hey , nice meeting you, have a nice day! and Bye~~"

  • Jem Lim
    Jem Lim wrote:

    oh well.. i know for a fact that if it's a hot looking guy who tried and approach me, no matter how silly his question is, i'll find time to talk to him :P

  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Jem Lim
    Haha. For sure.

  • Jem Lim
    Jem Lim wrote:

    AND if it's Seth Rogen, I WILL TOTALLY BRING HIM HOME!

  • Chapious
    Chapious wrote:

    nice point,so which means nice looking guy or beauty women will have not be rejected when they talking with strangers,right?

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