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  • Cherry Xu
    Cherry Xu wrote:

    Night everyone

    Im not talking about myself just some thinking after ive seen some movies and the bug happend to my friends' affection life. Here's my question:

    Is that always true that man wont cherish the person who love him a lot?

    Add one thing: I dont think man's image are bad, in fact man and woman r of the equal position in my opinion. I dont have prejudice. So plz answer my question and dont judge about me. Thx.


  • Cherry Xu
    Cherry Xu wrote:

    Its not a phrase just some normal sentence...


  • Man TianFei
    Man TianFei wrote:
    女人只知道自己很爱很爱对方,但在表达爱的方式却总是那么无趣或者单一,久而久之,当然要腻味啦~。而且男人和女人之间,爱情本来就差一个季节:当男生处于春天的时候,女生无感觉;当女生的爱欲被男生唤醒的时候,男生此时已处于狂热的夏天状态,当他的爱进入秋天的时候,女人的爱才达到高潮,最后,当男生不爱,进入冬天状态的时候,女人却觉得自己越爱越深刻,而期待能开花结果。 爱情最大悲哀不过是,一方放手了,另一方还苦苦执着。
  • Cherry Xu
    Cherry Xu wrote:


  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    hm, i guess each one is different, cant say if one can speak in terms of gender to characterize the behavior of each party/group in this case.

    as for me, i always cherished the one who loved me 'a lot' but unfortunately either it got boring for them and they dropped me or they are very difficualt minds who damaged me a lot.

    dont understand why you pull off this questions, love is love, if you really love the one who really loves you, things will be natural so this kind of questioning wont pop up at all, isnt it?!

    what if you are being love a lot by someone you dont love at all? what you do if things gets literally dead serious?

  • Amanda
    Amanda wrote:

    "Is that always true that man won't cherish the person who loves him a lot?"

    unfortunally, yes, it's true! so never let your men know that how much you love him! but they also give up very easy if they know this women don't love them at all! so it's very hard to be balance in the relationship.

    note: for the second situation, they give up easy, but they still love you, and you'll always be their dream girl~~~

  • Amanda
    Amanda wrote:

    haha dear baby, the problem is the people you show them how much you love them will never love you back...... it's like rules you know, it's very hard to balance, one hold, one run; one day the holder feel tired and give up, the runer start to hold........

  • Richie
    Richie wrote:

    Probably from a planet where loving too much means having absolute control of the guys (or the other sex).

    Girls, IMO, it's not about how much you love someone but how you express it (which keeps the love alive or kills it). Yes, if you feed him, you wash his clothes, you do ... everything a Mom would do but very little of what a woman (partner) would do - then the guys may get 'bored'.Taking good care like a mother is not the only way to be 'loving too much'.

    It's not just the guys who need constant change and excitement in life, girls do need the same. Just as you want him to be a part of your life, be a part of his life too.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hmmm ... if I may ... actually, 'taking good care like a mother' (or a maid) is not the way at all ...

    Like I have said in the other threads, a marriage (in fact, any long-term relationship) requires both parties to "invest", and with that word, the words "return" and "give" came to mind ... 

    Yes, it would be nice if we give nothing and get something back, but it does not work that way, on the other hand, giving but not receiving is too idealistic and even unrealistic for anyone in the modern age ...


  • 宗洁
    宗洁 wrote:

    I definately won t tell him that I love him,unless he said it first.

    Cause men r always afraid of taking responsibilities.

    I'm a jerk, hear me roar!
  • Cuteangelalice

    well,  the man from Mars  , the woman from  Planet Pluto.....its just mean we 're from 2 different place, and we're thinking the way its totally different. actually i agree of Little snow the opoins.......

    when u love someone. you can do everything for him/her , but  maybe he/ her dont care .or appreciate so much.... 

     When the woman say want to break up , its not mean really want to , and man can save it ;  but  when man said want to break up , then its really will break up .....nothing will changed.........


  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    you girls are from Pluto? it must be biting cold there... I used to think you girls come from Venus, enjoying the 400c temperature and surful dioxide rain~kidding:)

  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:

    It's easy to have some feelings towards the opposite sex;

    it's difficult to find someone you truly love;

    It's more  difficult to find your soul mate;

    but I guess the most difficult part about a relationship is to know how to love your partner. That's a lifelong learning process.

    If you've been through several relationships, you know what I mean.

  • Ripicis
    Ripicis wrote:

    I agree, but it's only like that at the begining phase of relationship.

  • 哎呀
    哎呀 wrote:

    Ripicis, I don't think it only happens at the begining of a relationship.

    Perhaps the more exact way I should say is  the most difficult part about a relationship is to keep it and make it going towards better and better. The essence of love is respect, torlerence and sacrifice; it's a process to conquer your own selfishness. You need to reflect from your past relationships and summarize from other people's experiences. 

    Love could be fragile or strong, ephemeral or forever; it all depends on what efforts you two make...




  • Alex Tang
    Alex Tang wrote:

    just think it simpleness,love

  • Alex Tang
    Alex Tang wrote:

    just think it simpleness,love is

  • Alex Tang
    Alex Tang wrote:

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