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  • Jem Lim
    Jem Lim wrote:

    Hey guys,

    My boyfriend and I are setting up a DND campaign and we are looking for anyone interested to join us. We have been in Beijing for 2 years and still have zero luck in finding DND players. We live in Yang Guang Yi Bai, CBD Area. If you are interested or like us, been looking for lost/banished gamers - pls hit me with a message. Thanks and looking forward to hearing some replies soon.


  • Peter S 李贝勒
    several years that i didn t play... but i d like to do it again, let s do a character first...
  • Jem Lim
    Jem Lim wrote:

    Hi Pierre, sure thing we can generate a character on your liking... sent you a PM. (Giddy) thanks, we're excited to fine one gamer here! :)

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