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  • Battista
    Battista wrote:

    any one there who would like to teach me chinese online in their free time  by using microphones ................... ??????????


  • Provels
    Provels wrote:

    i wanna a language exchange...


  • Mu Dirty Dishes

    im teachin chinese for livin.professional one.if anyone  just wanna learn good chinese we can talk.

  • Cyberhero
    Cyberhero wrote:

    heyhey, let me try

  • 关震
    关震 wrote:

    im not being cynical or anything but sorry guys i really think posting a thread in a public forum saying that u want to have language exchange will never work!

    I saw heaps of them in our school campus n people just ignore them and eventually all the ads just got cleaned up and chucked out by the clearners......

    trust me guys, u either do it in a real school or with ur real friends. With strangers? oh, hell no!!!!!! its just a massive waste of time......

  • John Zhang
    John Zhang wrote:

    i want to exchange)))

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