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  • Timke212004
    Timke212004 wrote:

    hi,everyone,Is there anyone who can improve my spoken english? In return,I can improve your spoken chinese....

  • 关震
    关震 wrote:

    Not interested, as chinese is my mother tongue........

  • Mark Riddle
    Mark Riddle wrote:

    Im looking to if anyone is interested.. i WAnT to learn chinese and i can TeacH english as im a native speaker. :)


    你想要跟我联系的话,你可以在这里留信或者发一个邮件给我的雅虎 mwriddle82@yahoo.com



  • 关震
    关震 wrote:

    Honestly, if u post it on UQ notice board inside the Gorden Greenwood building, u will probably get the reponses waaaay faster than here!!!!!! as heaps of chinese students wanna do the language exchange thing with native speakers...................Man u gonna be soon on fire just by imagining all the chinese girls pretty and ugly r trying to snatch the whole piece of the ad just in case someone else calls u first~~~~~~

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