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    China International oil and gas conference 2009

    We are The British International Exhibition Company ITE Group Shanghai Office. With our honor, we cordially introduce you a profound Oil& Gas conference --China International Oil& Gas Conference 2009 which will be held in city of Dongying Shandong province between October 18 and 19. This conference is organized by China International Oil and Gas Conference Organization Committee, and implemented by ITE Group PLC Shanghai Office and China Main Top International Exhibition Company.

    ITE would like to express our respect to you and invite you to take part at this conference. Regarding the international participants, we will take the responsibility for all of the registration, and accommodation fees. Even that, the registration fee has been mentioned in the brochure of this conference, but there is no registration charge for the foreign participants. Moreover, we also take charge of sending people from Beijing to Dongying by bus and bringing them back to Beijing after the conference. Actually, this event is totally free for the foreign participants.

    If you want to get more information, please go to the official website of this conference: http://www.ciogc.com.cn/event/2009sytrq-en/index.html, and you also can download the electronic brochure from this website.

    Therefore, any of you who engage in energy, machinery, chemistry, export&import, mining, intenational affair, finance, media, and public press has interest with this conference, please contact ITE Group Shanghai Office:
    Tel: +86-21-51908529
    Fax: +86-21-51908529
    Email: zhengyinghuiok@hotmail.com, Juneyinghui@gmail.com

    The formal invitation of this conference will be delivered by fax, email or formal letter.

    There will be an banquet in the everning of October 19th, so this conference is really a good opportunity for people to know lots of professional people and expand your network. Thank you for your attention. We are expecting for your participation.

    Kind Regards,

    ITE Group PLC Shanghai Office

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