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  • Queen Guo
    Queen Guo wrote:

    i changed my job,come here----Wudaokou..i am not familiar of this place.

    i am a editor in SOHU internet plaza,nearest the microsoft and goole.

    i want to find a  foreigner roommate to share a house.

    who can help me?

    Notic:now i still haven't  find a house.

    (heh ,my major is korean. enlish  is so poor,O(∩_∩)O   hope you can understand my words.


    my MSN:angel10222599@hotmail.com

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    check out classifies at thebeijing.com for housing stuff.

    in 5daokou, you will find enough koreans to talk to, there is a whole area of korean bars and restaurents (where mostly korean ppl hang out), if you are at the 5daokou cinema intersection, simply head north as far as you can go and in that yard are all the korean locations.

    if you are new to 5daokou, check out a neat place called Lush (also nice for a breakfast!), above the book store at the intersection of the City Rail station. Go further that small bar & restaurent street, both Cava Village and Sculpure in Time are nice cafes for a laisy afternoon. Further on, if you need a dance club, try Propaganda with the big black star on the wall.

    I think there is also a 5daokou online community. dont remember.


    found this via google, a bit expensive to share a flat:


    better try 西王庄小区 (Xi Wang Zhuang Compound), it's 10min. walk away from Sohu and very close to the City Rail Station, and it is more quited and less expensive then the Dong Wang Zhuang above! Both are old buildings though.

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