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  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Well, this one was *close* to being funny.... I really don't like this dudes style. Its so blatant, its almost like telling the punchline before you introduce the joke.

    He should have wrote "Well..... the good news is we remembered to turn off the coffee machine....."

    That would have been a decent strip.

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    hehe agreed. The comics all in all aren't half bad... the artwork is done quite well... but the captions leave a lot to be desired

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are translated from their original language..... at least i'll presume so for their sake : )


  • Pomatree
    Pomatree wrote:

    today's best comic film "from India to China"

  • NN
    NN wrote:

    It calls Today's comic

    So where is the blatant comic?? :)

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