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  • Eason LL
    Eason LL wrote:

    Hi there, i'm Chinese and i'm in UK now. I want to improve my english, i know lots of you must tell me to cut off the asian friends, try to hang out with native speakers. i totally agree, but my problem is i know nobody here, how to make total strangers become my friends and then hang out with them? (my english isn't good enough to  make  others feel like talking to me) would anyone give me some advices?  

  • Pomatree
    Pomatree wrote:

    join some clubs, social activities, volunteer work, get a part-time job, move out of campus, share apartment with non-Chinese speakers, have fun. speak as much as you can. it only takes time. you will get there.

  • BLUE
    BLUE wrote:

    If possible, I want to know some foreign people to teach me English

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    I just want to say this ...

    If one wants to improve his game in tennis, he needs a good coach who knows how to correct mistakes, as well, continues to challenge other excellent players ... wasting time with someone who cannot coach or with terrible players, well, is just wasting time.

    You just need thick skin ...

  • Eason LL
    Eason LL wrote:

    Thank you guys, i thank each of you!  the advices you gave are much more detailed than i expected.  you really helped. thanks a lot

  • 微笑的Min
    微笑的Min wrote:


  • Shane
    Shane wrote:


    每个城市, 每个大学都有一个“国际俱乐部”。 这写学生都更快地宽容国际学生,对国际文化有兴趣。 我建议你去问问你的大学哪有这种活动。

    我也建议你去找一份工作, 特别是一个有空的时间多的,或者可以当志愿者,要是你不需要钱,而想认识很多有质量的人, volunteers一般很好很商量。

  • MoMo
    MoMo wrote:



  • NN
    NN wrote:

    I agree with below




    2 weeks ago

    Give them sweets and candies and make them follow you to your house......


    Check out couchsurfing.com

    get yourself a profile

    go to the London-group (or whatever city you live in...)

    check out and take part in their activities and meetings

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