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  • Sisqo Yang
    Sisqo Yang wrote:

    HOT EVENT!!!

            How to get a nice and lucky Chinese name

    Tuesday evening, to where?
    to know something about Chinese culture from Confucius Language School


      1. Introduction of structure of a Chinese name.
    2. Introduction of development of a Chinese name, single character surname and two-character surname.
    3. Introduce the old way of giving a Chinese name, such as given name and literature name.
    4. How do you know if your name is lucky or not, the usage of Five Element in giving a name.
    5.  Introduction of old style and today’s style which reflect characters of the time in history.

    Time: 19:00 -20:30 PM, 21/07/2009
    Venue: Sculpting In Time Café雕刻时光DīaoKèShíGuāng, Beside Deep Tennis Club,
    BeiHang University, No.37, XueYuan Rd. HaiDian District, Beijing Tel: 010-68946825
    Fees: Free of charge for the lecture.
    Registration: Confucius Language School

  • Sisqo Yang

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