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  • 苗苗
    苗苗 wrote:

    Now, i am looking for a roommate. The house has 3 rooms. One roomate and me have been here, so there is one room left.

    The address is the west of AnDe Road. The room is about 15 square meters, and it is on the 5th floor. There is a bed and a little bookshelf. Because the wall is pink. i think it is better for girls. Around here, there is the supermarket----MeiLianMei, and it is near to the metro station----Guloudajie, about 15 minutes by walk. It is coveniente to go to Nanluoguxiang and Houhai.  Because we play music, sometimes we sleep late and have parties in our rooms.

    The rent is 1800 per month including fees of water, electricity and ADSL. You should pay the rent once 3 monthes. Welcome you to call me for the information. My cell phone No. is 13522775545.


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