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  • Selina Chen
    Selina Chen wrote:

    Loft-style Hutong near NanLuoGuXiang, 100sqm, Duplex, RMB6,000

    - 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, duplex apartment, newly decorated
    - In a quiet and tree-lined BeiBingMaSi hutong, 3 minutes walk from NanLuoGuXiang
    - 1st floor 72sqm; 2nd floor 28sqm, spacious & traditional BJ courtyard
    - Heater + Air-conditioner available
    - Rent includes maintenance fee and taxes
    - Available on July 5th, minimum lease 3 months, better rate for longer lease
    - For more info, pls call Selina @ 1386-106-1600, or email paipaimei@gmail.com

    For a taste of NanLuoGuXing: http://www.beijing-visitor.com/index.php?cID=416&pID=1094

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