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  • Grace.jin
    Grace.jin wrote:

    There are so many foreigner friends of mine who do not know how to get a switch from L(tourist) or F(business) visa to Z (working) visa. It's really need a complicated procedure here. But I will suggest you two solution on the following ways:

    Solution 1 (including 4 steps):

         1. Apply an employment license;

          2. Converting current F/L visa into 2 months Z visa;

          3. Apply working permit;

          4. Apply for one year residence permit and extend the 2 months Z visa to 1 year.


    Solution 2 (including 5 steps):

        1. Apply an employment license;

         2.Apply the working invitative letter

         3.Fly to HK and use the employment letter to apply a Z visa in HK;

         4.Come back in Beijing with Z and apply for working permit;

         5.Apply one year residence permit.

    What i list above is some information about visa solution, which is summarized from my work. I hope that this kind of thing could help someone who are in the kind of needs~!

        Best wishes for everybody~!

        Grace jin

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    For more help click on the link "Visa Services" in the top menu here :)

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