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  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Hey there single people:

    The WLIB team is thinking about organizing a singles event for you guys and girls later this summer. You can meet, greet and be discreet with other site members to your heart's content.

    The goal of this event would be to bring single users together under a WLIB-sponsored event where you can mix and mingle in a SAFE and FRIENDLY singles-only environment. (Read: NOT an avenue for perverted freaks to fish for bait).



    1) If we organized a event where singles could meet other singles, would you be interested?

    2) If yes, what type of venue would you be interested in? Bar? Cafe? Club? Restaurant?

    3) Would a cover charge stop you from coming?

    4) How about a live MC to get the party going?

    5) What else?

    Keep the discussion clean, folks.

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    Wow, what a prompt action! Good for u!

    I'm not qualified...what a pity...

  • Janet Peng
    Janet Peng wrote:

    1) I may be interested in attending only when I know what kind of people would be there (besides single). For me, to attend an event where I know nobody makes me feel uncomfortable, especially when it comes to a topic of dating event. Would it be better to call it a social connecting party for singles?

    2) Any kind of venues would be fine. But I personally prefer an outdoor activity. It is much easier for people to get know each other through a interactive way than holding a beer in hand and come to say," Hey, I am Janet. ..." Pretty lame.

    3) Charge certain fee is reasonable but only depends on certain type of events.

    4) It would be even better to have a live MC there. But would that rise the cost? And that is obviously not work for outdoor activities.

    5) would it be a whole day activity or only at night? I personally feel we should jump out the normal night life and do something more fun under sunshine.

  • Martin
    Martin wrote:

    That's sound really good.maybe organize in some nice pub or club cos there is big enough for ppl and cafe would be so small.


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