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  • Rick (史大龙)
  • Rick (史大龙)

    I have a question!  I have a friend who got married less than one month ago, she is Chinese and so is her new husband, but she says that she made a mistake, she wishes that she never got married. She wants to get a divorce, but he will not agree. Does anyone know what her options are? Is she stuck? Can she divorce without him agreeing? Does China have annulments for such a thing? PLEASE HELP!

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    She needs her husband's consent, or she has to sue for divorce. Following cases are listed in related law as when match up, the court should pronounce the divorce judgement:

    1,bigamy or cohabitation

    2,domestic violence

    3,defendant are addictive to drugs or gambling

    4,factual separation for more than 2 years

    btw, if her husband is an active PLA soldier, she cannot get divorced unless her husband agrees on it

    I'm not a professional, you'd better consult a lawyer

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