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  • Pascal Vierry
    Pascal Vierry wrote:

    My name is Pascal Vierry, a French citizen residing in

    Hampstead, London, United Kingdom. I am a widowed father in search of a nanny/house keeper. Nanny/house keeper will reside in my house permanently and will responsible to take proper care of my son and my household.

    I am a very busy person dedicated to my job due to its nature and I am usually out of town. Also, I lost my wife recently to cancer and the nanny working for me is on the verge of quitting her job to travel back to her country to settle down with her husband and old mother who she has to take care of, so there isn’t anyone to handle the responsibilities of taking care of my kids and household.

    Nanny/house keeper must be healthy and willing to work 42hours, 6 days a week with an off day on Sunday and salary of 380Pounds every week.

    Fraudulent applicants are advised to desist from contacting me to avoid prosecution by the law.

    Interested persons should contact me through my email contact; pascalvierry@yahoo.com
    Thanks for your interest

  • Janet Peng
    Janet Peng wrote:

    Hmm, this may not be a proper way and place to put this information.

    There are young people here. And even if they have somebody to recommend, there must be a standard to follow like how old she is and what background you demand.



  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Right. And if you're living in London, I think the commute may be a bit far. (And I thought commuting from Shuangjing to Wudaokou was a bit heavy.)

    Half-joking. Good luck.

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