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  • Mr Teddy De
    Mr Teddy De wrote:

    do u fancy gals

    do u fancy boys

    do u fancy the same sex but at the same time u also fancy opposite sex 

    (sometimes you may find gals are hot, but also boys are hot too, and deep down inside would u give a try  )

    sometimes u would try different things

    and u are curious 

    or you just dont give a shit  

    just wanna see wot and how guys think about yourselves!!

  • Tian 王倚天

    I think you're going to have to answer that question yourself first dude before anything else is likely to dib their toes in this one.

  • Mr Teddy De
    Mr Teddy De wrote:

    oops you r right! I should share mine first!

    I think I could be Bi

    since I came to UK, i VE changed a lot, especially this part, i would try different things even it is against my culture background! cos i m always curious abt things that attracts me so much!

    sometimes I do feel boys are attractive to me, if they r extremely handsome,lol even i m str8.

    dont know wot u guys think abt?


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