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  • Oceane ななみ
    Oceane ななみ wrote:

    I do not know  what happened now, my friends and me go to attend this music festival, and there doors open at 12am, " Intro By Day" ends at 11pm, " Intro By Night" start at 11pm, ends at 4am nest day.

    But at 11pm, they stopped the music, they find a reason to cancel the "Intro By Night". All the people are very angry,They deceive us!

    I think only in China you can have this kind of things. They do not have education, they like to deceive others.


  • Sheryl Xiao
    Sheryl Xiao wrote:

    Hey, where r u come from...?

    I think you should just smiply get out of China if you don't like this country and think Chinese people are not educated...

  • Sheryl Xiao
    Sheryl Xiao wrote:

    Or I should say you can complain about the party or watever, but not this country and our people....

  • Buddha Inside
    Buddha Inside wrote:

    1st, we don't know if you are deceived by Chinese, even though you are in China. 2nd, frauds happen everythere. e.g. Current financial crisis is due to overuse of finance derivatives, which are in theory fraud methods and originally introduced by bankers from Wall Street (most of whom I reckon are not Chinese.)

  • Frieda
    Frieda wrote:

    OH~~calm down...calm down...look...the most of people  help you in here...

    hehe~~i know...you r JAPANESE... ...JAPANESE girl....LOL~~~


  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    Acupunture's hands were tied: cops ordered everyone out... or be arrested.

    There was no deception; no dishonesty.

    I'd refer you to Miao Wong's statement on the situation on another website, but you'd probably continue to spew your hate-filled rhetoric on that forum, as well.

  • Oceane ななみ

    Sheryl Xiao, 我和你说中文


    我说的就是你们的问题! 你们有问题为什么不允许别人说?






  • Oceane ななみ
    Emilie Bourgois (China) 写道
    This is unacceptable, and beyond the money problem, there is also the problem of the information : at 11pm, suddenly, thousands of partiers found themselves facing an empty stage and hundreds of policemen, wondering and waiting for AT LEAST an explanation on what/why was going on, and among the organizers and the authorities NO ONE was able and had the respect to tell something to people. the organizers better find a solution to pay back, otherwise the next event will have no credibility.
    Dmitry Grafov 写道
    thank you very much, the best party of my life. I hope Acupuncture records will rot in hell. Idiots.
    I feel bad for the people who took pills and other energy-going stuff and went home to sleep
    The worst thing is that NONE of the organizers went out and spoke to the crowd. If you ain't got balls to do it you should not be in business. How pathetic!
    Plus, if you know you screwed up the event, does it not come to your mind that you MUST give the refund for ALL the tickets!?Many of my friends arrived by 23:00 and they paid 200 kuai to witness such a disaster.
    Shame on you!
    Chen Shen (China) 写道
    You are stupid enough to organize a "Free Party" at Zeta Bar and you owe to announce it on the giant screen ? Is it a suicide ?
    Because I went last night 15 mins before the end of the festival. I spent 200 bucks for 15 mins which is unacceptable. So for people totally screwed like me, we'll come tonight and we we will start to punch at everybody belonging to your fucking organization.
    I really hope you'l burn in hell you cock suckers.
    Antonio De Biase (BLCU) 写道

    what the hell !!!!!

    MORONS !!!


    AT LEAST.....
    Yu Mei 写道
    ha, look at the Strawberry music festival, the organizers are so smart to finish it at 21:30 each night of the three days. but they did notified people in advance! for the sake of next Intro(if there is), you'd better seriously appologize for the unthoughtful organizing work, and think about the way of doing refund. Nobody would like to stay late at Sunday night even it is free!
    <a href="http://msplinks.com.cn/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmZhY2Vib29rLmNvbS9zLnBocD9rPTEwM

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