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  • David Emery
    David Emery wrote:

    The summer is coming. Let us help you find a language or other study opportunity abroad. We can help middle and high school students, as well as college students. Most of the top private high schools have only a few spaces left. Contact me today to submit your application.

    SSAT preparation classes will begin this July. Send me an email for more details.

    I represent AECM L.L.C., an independent educational consulting firm based in the United States and operating in Taiwan and China. You work directly with our consultants to find the best school or program for you. All of our consultants are US citizens who have attended US universities and hold advanced degrees.

    How we can help:
    Language and Summer College Programs
    High school, College or University, Graduate Programs
    一对一英语课, 文化课, 论文编辑
    1-on-1 English Classes, Cultural Classes, Essay Editing
    SLEP Testing Available, Sample SSAT, SAT, ACT

    Contact david@aecmllc.com (or call 1511-6966-719) to schedule an appointment.

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