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  • Bobo
    Bobo wrote:

    hi everybody

    16/5 in beida this is a carzy party in beida's pool

    everybody can join and enjoy the nice beer and food and music

    will be very crazy

    welcome foreigners and chinese coming

    normal ticket is 40rmb

    VIP is 60rmb

    the organizers of the festivities is Raphael come from french

    dont miss the wondful time

    if you like please contact me as soon as you can cause the ticket is alimited

    have good day everybody ^^

  • Karl Liu
    Karl Liu wrote:

    what is the differences between VIP and Normal ticket apart from the price?

    what is this occasion about?

    what is the boys : girls ratio so far, hopefully it will not turn out to be a "sausage fest"

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