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  • Reyes
    Reyes wrote:

    I will be in Shanghai at the end of the month. Can somebody kindly recommend some clubs or bars in Shanghai? I appreciate that.

  • Helen
    Helen wrote:


    i am helen from  shanghai , will  u come  here   at the  end of the month , ?coo

    in shanghai ,  we   have  many  many bars  ,

    do  u like  the  bars  with  jazz?

    there  is    bar  called   cotton  clud  is nice    with band .

    u can  go there.

    also    there  are other   nice    place   also

    do  u  have   eamil    adeess

    i can   send    u more  informations.

    here  is  my   adreess




  • Reyes
    Reyes wrote:

    Thanks for your kindly respond!

    My MSN:alanjohnson101@hotmail.com

  • Jacky Wong
    Jacky Wong wrote:

    Have u heard hengshan road ?U can go there take subway line 1.It's the place similar to sanlitun village,but my favourite is babyface near huaihai road

  • FREE The WAX
    FREE The WAX wrote:


    this is gonna be a great party!!! even if it rains!




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