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  • Saravana K
    Saravana K wrote:
    hey everyone.. i'am looking for a climbing partner to go climbing in wudakou.. Btw.. FYI.. i'am very new at this. Some 3 years back when i visited Thailand i took a 3 day climbing course. It was lots of fun.. but after going back home, i did not have any opportunities to go climbing. Now that im in Beijing and the weather is nice, i've decided to give it a try once again. This weekend i went out and got myself a pair of shoes and a harness.. all i need now is to find a climbing partner and im good to go. If you are interested please let me know. Btw.. the climbing wall is located in a university campus (the one opposite BLCU). Apart from the rope, i think you need to bring your own equipment to go climbing there. Just thought i'd give you the heads up..

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