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    Want to learn Chinese?
    Want to speak Chinese?
    Or want to make easy life in China?
    We can help you!

    Here are two professional Chinese tutors in Shanghai,Jane and Olivia. Both of them are Chinese girls and have got the certificate of "Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language".

    Jane is graduate from Peking University. She guides foreign students to pass HSK test(a professional test for testing foreigner's Chinese level) since 2001.

    Olivia has been in London UK for five years. At that time, she not only got the master degree for “Financial and Legal management” but also taught foreign adults to learn Chinese mandarin in different levels since 2003.

    They both welcome you of all ages. Please feel free to contact us by mobile: (+86)13816608179 or E-mail: litbiscuit@sina.com.

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