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  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Hey everyone!

    I am looking for some private English students in YaYunCun. I have 4 years of experience teaching English to children, adults, businesses, and otherwise. I will be in China for many years, so this is a good opportunity to find a good-quality English teacher. If you interested, send me a message. I live right next to piaoliang plaza and yanhuang art museum!




    我在找一些在亚运村想学习英语的学生。我有多年经验, 3岁到50岁的学生都教过。我是长期在北京, 我认为对你们学生来说这是个不错的机会可以找到一个值得信的质量好的有经验又开朗的老师。  要是你们有兴趣的话,给我留言。(我不是找语言伙伴, 我是找想学英语的学生)


  • Andie Yo0
    Andie Yo0 wrote:

    I'm interested. how could I contact u ?


  • Bluerarity
    Bluerarity wrote:

    May I ask if u are Chinese or Foreigner?

    I am interested in improving my oral English....Could you please help me?


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