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  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    这个论坛越来越好或者越来越坏?我看了很多帖子说“我们正在改革我们论坛上的功能,但是到现在什么改革也没看到。 我不喜欢乱的批评判断,但是我觉得现在值得做。你们觉得呢?最近发现了什么新的问题?

    So, is this forum getting better or worse? I have seen the creators post many times, "We are working on fixing this" but actually most of the fixes never came. What do you all think? What are you still having problems with?







    6)发消息的时候还是”wait 90 seconds"

    1) Can no longer see pictures in my friends list. As a matter of fact, the change picture/name button is gone.

    2) When inviting friends to grops or events there is only first names, and no pictures.

    3) There is STILL no way to reject a mobile request.

    4) The website STILL switches back to English constantly from Chjinese constantly.

    5) I lost my last post because i waited too long and my account timed out.

    6) There is still the "wait 90 seconds" thing going on for sending messages

    7)....... What do you guys have to add to the list?

    I hate complaining, but I'm just not seeing any results here. Thinking about looking for a better forum to use. I've already noticed a few people who are cancelling their accounts here.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    1. You can see the pictures in your friends page Shane.

    6) There is still the "wait 90 seconds" thing going on for sending messages

    this is changed to 60 seconds long time ago.


    Working on the rest while writing this post :))




  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    3) There is STILL no way to reject a mobile request.


  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Oh, it still says 90 in the prompt I think, maybe u forgot to change the text ????


    And i can't see pictures on my browser.....  I'm serious the change to pictures/change to names button is just gone man. Using Firefox 3.0.8. Its hard to cyberstalk people if you can't see their pictures. (haha)


      Just checked mobile request, its fixed....

    Good work! (I'm a big fan of this site.... i like to keep u guys on your toes)

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    hehe, yepp. forgot to change the text. that is fixed now :))

    but, you can`t see pictures. what the h. is that? Is it the profile images you are talking about?

    Are you located in some university complex? Just got reports back that some parts of weliveinbeijing is blocked (or something) at BLCU. we are working on some work arounds for that.


  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    ooooh, about the pictures. you are talking about the online list??

    well, we removed the online list pictures. It speeded up the site a lot not to get all those small thumbnail images that is stored in a server in norway :))

    Just click on the names and visit their profiles mister :))

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