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  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:


    i'm looking for appartment in beijing from next november. I need live in the center of the city, not too expensive, i need 3 or 4 rooms, ... If somebody has a good idea..... thanks !

  • 陶冶
    陶冶 wrote:

    which area do you want to live in?

  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:

    no idea exactly... near salitun, or chaoyangmen subway station, workers stadium, Ritan park, or hepigmen, ... i want and need live in the center, no after the first or second ring... not easy, i know.... Thanks for ur interest.

  • Yekeer
    Yekeer wrote:
  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:

    thanks, i will try !

  • Shuo
    Shuo wrote:

    Quand je suis en Chinejai habite ce quartier.

    En general,une appartement ayant  3 ou 4 chambres  et 2 salons,le loyer d'appartement qui est plus nouveau ,est

    environ  8000yuan a 10000yuan(800euro-1000euro)par mois.

    En autre,il y a des appartements un peu vieux,

    le loyer est environ 5000yuan(500euro),mais,ils ont  3 chambres avec 1 petit salon  .Souvent,on doit faire un  contrat pendant 12 mois et payer 3mois de loyer par avance ,de plus, 1mois de caution, le loyer de location n'est pas compris le frais de l'eau, et l'electicite .

    Si on cherche une appartement sur l'angence de logement ,il faut regler des frais d'introduction ,donc on toujours cherche une appartment sur internet. pour vous ,cest tres difficile,parce que touts les mots chinois,mais cest la vie.Bonne chance.O(_)O

  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:

    merci pour les informations ! xie xie

  • Angela Wang
    Angela Wang wrote:

    maybe u can take a look this website:http://world.hihomechina.com/index_en.php,i find my apartment there. Hopefully it will help.good luck~~:)

  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:

    thanks, i'll try

  • 关震
    关震 wrote:

    combien de etrangers habitent a Pekin? environ 50000 je crois? ou peut-etre un peu plus que ca?

  • Feifei
    Feifei wrote:

    DO u know Wu dao kou?

    there a some house to be lease

    u can go there to have a ask

  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:

    thanks Feifei !

  • Feifei
    Feifei wrote:

    my pleasure Eric

  • David
    David wrote:




    A lot of websites have listings of apartments, all you need to do is decide on the area, and contact some agents a week or two before you wan to move in. Contacting to early will result in wasted time of you and the agent, amd most agent will reject you anyway.

    You also should choose your agent carefully, otherwise you'll waste a lot of time. Oh, and pesronaly I think best location in town is around Dongzhimen.

    Good luck.

  • Eric.
    Eric. wrote:

    Great ! i like this area !

  • Elizabeth Guadarrama

    Hello, I’m from Mexico and this summer I’m going to Beijing to study in the  IUBE , so I’m staying for 1 month in the school residences, but I will like to stay there for more time in order to visit more places and to learn more about the culture. I need a place to stay for about 3 weeks so it must be not expensive. I hope you can help me.

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