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  • Apollo Hu
    Apollo Hu wrote:

    We offer cheap tickets for international flights to Hongkong, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia,Australia, UK, USA, Germany, France and so on.

    Please tell us where do you want to go, When to go, when to back, how many people together.

    Please tell us what is your preference. Say you may like morning flight or evening flight. Say you may like a specific airline.

    If you want to book ticket with us, please scan the first page of your passport or take a picture and send to us. Or give us the following info: Your family name(on passport), your given name(on passport), your gender,your birht date, your citizenship(on your current passport), your passport number, the expiration date of your passport.

    Contact us: 010 6231 0791 phoenix@InterNationalPerson.com

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