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  • Jaret Barker
    Jaret Barker wrote:

    I have to move to Beijing for work this spring.  I think I'll be living fairly close to Sanlitun.  Does anyone know a good gym to go to near there? 

  • Fallencat
    Fallencat wrote:

    hello welcome to beijing

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  • 关震
    关震 wrote:

    would that be Fitness first. coz i've been told by my friends that there's a franchaised Fitness First in Jianguomen......but dont really no where exactly it is.....been Australia for 2.5 years n never been back there.....

    Normally, people'll go with Haosha....coz its cheap...but u know when price goes down the quality goes with it as well.....so.......not really a gud choice if u want to do it seriously......贝利and青鸟are considered as the top gyms in beijing....but just dont be surprised by the membership fee.....lol.........

    u can just paste "贝利健身房" and "青鸟健身房" into Google n give it a go.....think u'll be able to find the official websites......gud luck~~~~~~

  • Darren Small
    Darren Small wrote:

    Check out Nirvana.  It's right there in the SanLiTun area and it's a pretty good gym even by foreign standards.  It's just near the TuanJieHu subway station on line 10.  It'll cost you something like 2800RMB/yr.

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    GYMS in CA are pretty crappy, Those new ones in CN are actually way much better :P

  • Wangshen_623
    Wangshen_623 wrote:

    Will`s is all right,near wanda plaza

  • Tum
    Tum wrote:

    Fitness First in China Life Tower on Chaoyangmen Wai Street. It's pretty close to Sanlitun.

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