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  • Nancy Liu
    Nancy Liu wrote:


    1) 在正式的商业社交场合下,你怎样介绍你自己或是介绍你的同事给别人?
    2) 如何在网上很专业的进行交易。
    3) 如何做会议的产品介绍或是会议总结
    4) 如何帮助你的老板订机票或是改签
    5) 如何起草一个企划案


    I am an experienced American Business English teacher with more than 3 years experience teaching Chinese businessmen / businesswomen practical business English.
    Due to the current financial crisis I am busier than ever. Many of my students are worried about losing their jobs, and looking for that extra skill to differentiate themselves from their colleagues.
    I organise small intimate class sizes of 3-5 people to help you practise and improve your Business English.
    Take a look at what you will learn:
    ·         How to introduce yourself or colleagues in a formal business situation
    ·         How to professionally trade and do business online
    ·         How to make a professional presentation
    ·         How to reserve plane tickets and change details such as time or destination
    ·         How to draft a contract
    Improving your English can allow you to apply for that dream job you have always wanted to get but never had the confidence to go for, or improve your chances of promotion at your current work place.
    Come and check out our Free Demo Class. I am sure you will like what you see. We have many satisfied clients who will back that up.
    If interested: please contact with my assistant Nancy: 13426013190

    Or add me on msn: liu_sonja@163.com

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:



  • Kevin Cheung
    Kevin Cheung wrote:

    You will make a lot of frends here for sure .awaiting for you arrival.

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