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  • Idiot 笨蛋
    Idiot 笨蛋 wrote:

    Let's discuss,


    For me, i think if you decided to have sex before marriage, please consider using some kind of protection, unless you believe that you can take the responsibility to take care of the child, or maybe just wait for your future wife/husband.


    Anyone else? =)

  • 凹凸曼
    凹凸曼 wrote:


  • PRC Psycho
    PRC Psycho wrote:

    use condom~

  • Hebing
    Hebing wrote:

    its terrible

  • Tian 王倚天

    As we look at history, how "young" one will not be held prejudice for being prego is a constantly fluctuating number.

    Only society will determine whether it's acceptable or not. And societ right now isn't encouraging more babies to be born. I'm sure that the expectable age for when a girl should get pregnant will drop considerably after the thirid world war....lol

  • Checkered
    Checkered wrote:

    underage..i thought u talking about teenagers....but u talkin abtsex before marriage..isnt it so common nowdays? lets just say silly if people dont have knowledge of birth control

  • Garvey Harris
    Garvey Harris wrote:

    its a bit late in the UK we have the highest number of underage teenagers getting pregnant

  • Ziyao Zhou
    Ziyao Zhou wrote:

    Bunch of inconsiderate kiddies does not have any senses. Simple as that. But then again, they are the underaged afterall, so it's really their parents' fault.

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    "unprotected underage sex" is one thing, sex before marriage is another.

    Anyway, adopt some reliable contraceptive methods~

  • Juillet
    Juillet wrote:

    oh,,,,is it your homework?  hahahahaha~~~~

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    will yan你吃了什么药啊你?没想到你会觉得12岁的孩子婚外有自己的孩子家人会高兴。。。无论在哪里这个当然算是困境。





  • Checkered
    Checkered wrote:

    shane u rock!!

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    lol 好的,好的 那你不是我想的那种人。我跟你道歉。


    1)And from where i am living now, teenagers have sex, got pregnant, and the new life is born, they just simply drop it off at their parent's house, thinking that they are not responsible.




    3)一部分是美国的freedom of the press (出版自由)。真是有好友坏。我们电视台太爱这种很故事,我也希望不是这样,但是没办法。


    This is only a small sample of americans, usually from the most impoverished and uneducated families, and it does not speak at all for american families as a whole. The media is to blame for a good part, because they popularize these kinds of stories for whatever reason, therefore making it possible for these kinds of people to gain a kind if infamous notoriety. No one in their right mind would agree with this sort of thing.

    I reacted to your comment in the context that it was written in, mostly because of your statement "how people in a foreign country...." It is NOT people in a foreign country, it is only a select few lowest of the low who do this sort of thing.

    Moreso, I get so tired of hearing Chinese people grouping people into brash all-inclusive statements that they thing apply to the other 2/3 of the world outside of their country. I know this is not all chinese-people, however, so I hope everyone doesn't take offense..

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