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  • PRC Psycho
    PRC Psycho wrote:

    i have had worked in 3 different Bars begin as a washing-machine ,and ,lucky me, i am a bartender now.I love cocktails but seems like them do not feel the same way.i am always confused by all those recipes!i mean ,for example:Margarita. it contains tequila,conintreau and lime juice.some bar they use Pepe Lopez ,some use Jose Cuervo,but according to Terry  Zacharian(bartender,Red Square),it should be Olmeca Blanco.Can people really figure out the diffences?and i remember i used to discuss with the Filipine bartender about if we should try to use a little bit Malibu in Blue Hawaiian.what if it teasted better even we don't follow the classic recipes?

    and the biggest problem is ,which one is the real classic recipes?


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