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  • Mandarintube
    Mandarintube wrote:

    Hi, guys, i introduce an intersting website www.mandarintube.com where you can learn Chinese efficiently, there are also more useful tools available for you ,such as online translator,pinyin converter.You even can learn how basic Chinese characters are written by strokes and correct your Pinyin pronounciation through Pinyin Guide Chart.

    The most valuable contents are the courses provided by this website,let me tell you my point of view step by step.

    The Video courses ar quite useful for me to practice my oral Chinese, the materials are really practical, the dialogues exist in our daily life.
    Chinese slangs and proverbs are displayed in Word Up course,it is unique, the cartoons are funny and live.I like it very much.
    Daily news are a little difficult for me,but it is also fantastic,even i cannot understand all of them,but i am able to update my knowledge through news and accumulate more for future learning.
    Sign Speak really speaks to me and helps me much when i am in China.The categories are classified reasonably.I can find them according to my needs.
    PhraseBuider is also vivid for me to remember more Chinese words through pictures,here you will find learning a language and memorizing words are not boring at all.

    Another chacteristics of mandarintube is its interactive communication with other learners for mutual progress in Chinese learning.

    You can make friends here except learning Chinese,and also you can always have the same topic, discuss the courses which you all have interest in.
    You also have your itube just as a learning blog, the latest courses and suitable courses which fit your level will be recommended to you here.If you have any question about the courses or services of the website, you will be responded from their Support department or online tutor immediately.

    Hope you can also make progress after you have learned on this website and really expect to share learning experiences with you.


  • Soniya
    Soniya wrote:

    Feel   like  a AD .  But   looks  so good.  But  do  you  have  some  suggestion  about  learning  English  ,  Thanks.

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