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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    It seems like the speed of WeLiveInBeijing varies a lot from users to user. I'm starting this thread and hoping people will help us figuring out how to keep improving the user experience :-)

    Here's some info to take in concideration:

    - Our DB is currently in Norway, from here I have a ping reply on an average of 513ms. I'm sure the connection and hardware in Norway is not the bottleneck - only the distance (14 hops)
    - JS, images and CSS are hosted in Amazon S3 servers outside China, like Hong Kong and Japan.
    - Outside China, WeLiveInBeijing is lightning fast - like in HongKong.

    Suspected reasons:
    - Some say they cant connect to the site at all. Does schools or other public locations with internet block all outside-china content?
    - Does some ISP's in China have special regulations, or bad link to our locations?
    - 80% of our users uses IE6, which is a 8 year old browser (and slow as fuck..) Could this be one of the reason?

    I'm happy to receive feedback on any of these or other issues! :-)

  • David
    David wrote:

    Avarage download speed in China is 51kb/sec, in offices/schools with a lot of people the speed is way lower (closer to 0-15kb/sec), early morning, late night and launch time - usually no problems. So 7kb per second and your 600kb front page... (163kb front page on second visit, after cache) for a logged in user.

    So as I mentioned before, clean the HTML code, make it lighter and smaller, optimize and gzip, move scripts into one file etc.

    Btw, I'm your friend number 555 - nice number.

  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    We got some new information here from a guy. Seems like all sites in and outside China goes trough sensor servers. However, if the site has a ICP licence (only required for sites HOSTED in china), it will get faster as it doesn't go trough all those sensor filters or whatever.


    Our site is hosted OUTSIDE China, and we're not required to have a ICP licence. But if we get one, do we or do we not avoid the sensor delay?

    Anyone know this? And how we should proceed to aquire the ICP license?


  • Gracie-Bear
    Gracie-Bear wrote:

    you can register ICP at www.miibeian.gov.cn; it takes about 20 days. however, only websites based on mainland china need to register, so i guess you're fine. 

    just make sure your website doesn't have any anti-chinese government contents. 

    -moi/user: la jolla, california. using safari. fast. 

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    For Information I already have registered wlib at miibeian, and it says it takes 20 days. But now 3 months later the status is still shown as pending.

    On miibeian you can also search on other websites ICP number. So I checked out a lot of websites ICP number and what I found was that nobody has the status "Approved". Even the huge chinese websites who has been running for years only have status as "Pending".

    The guy that Ole is talking about is saying that this ICP license helps for getting around the chinese firewall and that this will speed the site up.  Also he told to get this ICP license you need to go to a Beijing office who deals with ICP license thing and that this cost 4000 kuai. All this is new information to me. Is there anyone who have more details about this and can confirm if this information is right or wrong?

  • Gracie-Bear
    Gracie-Bear wrote:

     the "huge chinese websites," are they commercial websites?

    only commercial websites, including business and company sites, need to be approved. non-commercial ones only need to register. 

    because the host is outside of china, this site might be blocked sometimes even if it is registered/approved. i think... but hey, it's cheaper this way. 

  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    UPDATE MARCH 30. 2009:

    We're now testing a faster link from mainland China to the servers and things should be a lot faster. Do you experience any difference? Let us know.

  • Tian 王倚天

    I just think back to the time where internet was not apart of everyone's lives...and then I become satisfied with the speed to which I'm operating on. Did we all forget how we lived back then?


    The fucking the signal's going to a sattelite in SPACE for godsakes!!..give it a minute..lol

  • Feifei
    Feifei wrote:

    I surf internet in Austalia

    the speed is slower than before

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    FeiFei, with the steps we have done now it is slower outside china. And faster inside China.

    We are going to route the traffic so it gets fast both inside and outside china.

  • Feifei
    Feifei wrote:

    That's all right


  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    Feifei: You can always login to this same site at url www.weliveinSydney.com that i just finished :) same user and pass as here, just a lot faster from outside china :)


  • Feifei
    Feifei wrote:


    cheers man

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