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  • David
    David wrote:

    Few things, 1. In Chrome you have a few bugs with Javascript and AJAX, mainly at join group and upload profile picture, 2. Can't search for groups? 3. The last poll I see is "We want to know how much Bloc/WeLiveInBeijing means for our members", that's to early to ask, and the answers are not good, give people more options like "I would give whatever I can", "maybe after I get addicted" etc, and some other polls do not treat users nice, give us more options. 4. I can't be in complicated relationship alone...(have to selct somebody) 5. You should save more than just the last 3 msgs in PM center (can't remember why I started this thread or what about) 6. Guest book works in a complicated way, that is hard to understand (and I'm developer with over 6 years experience) 7. Allow me to browse online list or filter it, allow me to browse people from my area, not just the 8 people I see all the time. What I see now is not enough. 8. ...wanted to put something here, but when I got to 25, I forgot. But it was important :-) 9. just noticed this, small thing on the forum below "Your forum Stats" i see "Forum statistikk kommer snart.", Norwegian? 10. Would be nice if people could select what languages they can speak, maybe some would like to exchange. 11. make the header smaller, I have a 1440x900 resolution, and I can't imagine how much people need to scroll with 1024x768 resolution 12. not important, but make live version with cleaner html, optimize it, now it's big and heavy, pages will load and render faster. remove all those commented out lines... 13. do you have to show the same huge image in the footer of every page? 14. some problems witch session or cookies, if I'm logged in and I click a link in WLIB email that leads to reading a msg, it will ask me to login again. Pain. 15. Optimize your google ads, "Norwegian Immigration"(top, right corner ad on page that list my friends) - doesn't help me. Also find better locations for you adwords, current location won't bring you much cash. 16. "Photos from WLIB Meet & Greet party" - show different pics, randomly, seeing same pictures on every page doesn't make me happy (nor unhappy, but happy user is everything - right?) 17. Randomly suggest groups I can join or my friends are in, create more activity on the site. 18. Let me know what my friends are doing, and allow me to do things to them. 19. In msg center show full user name. and align date to left- will look better. 20. Showing my friends on every page is absolutely useless waste of space. 21. On the main Groups page, show me which groups I already joined, so near "Go to group" button show "you are a member" or something 22. Could you show me who joined when? 23. you can randomly show pictures from users galleries if they agree to it. Will create more movements on the site. 24. Allow me to remove friends or block them. 25. organize you forums, a lot of wasted space, make me feel more comfortable, let me feel good when I use the whole site. Sorry it's not organized, don't have much time. Just wanted to complain about the poll, and than though I can add some more. Overall you did a good job, and right now, slow website is actually good for you, if it would work any faster, I will spend less time here because I can finish all I wanted to do faster and after a while go away because I can't do anything else in here.

  • David
    David wrote:

    8. string.gsub("\n\r","
    ").gsub("\r", "").gsub("\n", "
    ") ;- )

  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    1. We do not test for Chrome, which does have some pretty weird bugs still. We'll start with that if/when Chrome gets a decent enough marketshare in China worth the testing :-)

    2. Yes you can (what caused you to experience that you cant?)

    3. The polls now are more for fun and quick response. We'll do more complete market surveys later when we're getting bigger (now we "only" have about 50 000 members)

    4. I think we'll change this to optional as well as an autocomplete so you can select a user.

    5. I'll write that on the to-do :-) We did it this way to prevent scrolling, but we can use a auto-scroll-down script to solve that.

    6. Hmm, what's complicated about it?

    7. You can do that from Members > Search, doing live filtering on the onlinelist is too heavy for now. But we can look into adding some "browse" link in the heading on each onlinelist. And I'll look on the 8 user limit :)

    9. I'll remove it after this

    10. People can select their homecountry, so it'll be a bit the same to add that. We can print the country they set for the site somewhere instead, but not before we've added some more languages.

    11. We're working on a design makeover.

    12. It's not the comments and html that takes time, it's the db query to the outside-china server and Amazon S3 content.

    13. Right, I'll schedule a test where we print the cartoon strip only on the frontpage and see if there's any difference on performance.

    14. Where's this? I think it's whenever it jumps from http://www.welive... to http://welivein...

    15. We'll look into that, but not a priority just yet.

    16. If the users want to see more pics, they need to click the link.. :)

    17. A lot can and will be done to improve this, but we're dealing with a shitload of work at the moment :-) But I totally agree.

    18. Yea, like facebook's friend feed page. It's allready on the to-do.. pretty far down on it though..

    19. We've made a new design for messages, will be updated soon.

    20. It's your last online friends, not just friends in general. I can eventually make that more clear.

    21. Agree, I've allready stressed a event and group polish :-)

    22. Not sure about that, I'll ask the developers when we work with groups again.

    23. Not sure what you meant on this one, like a random slideshow? And where would you like this function to be?

    24. It's possible, but it could be more clear.

    25. Forum will get a re-make, it doesnt work very well today.

    Thanks for the feedback :-) feel free to add me directly to help improve the site with further bug reporting and maybe speed testing (think the speed varies a lot due to ISP and location..)

  • David
    David wrote:

    1. Actually if your website works in Safari it should work in Chrome.

    2. The fact that I go to groups page and I don't see any option to search the groups (like on Members page, me and most people first will visit Member page and then groups, so I would expect same things on both pages). In the main search bar i see "Name, Email, Mc" - so how can I know? :) just make the search field empty, and instead of go write "Search anything/everything!"

    3. Yes, for fun. So add some fun answers.

    4. Most people that choose Complicated will not choose with who.

    5. Prevent scrolling with the header and footer you have, seriously? Don't do any scripts, everytime user goes to see a thread make the link like "...reply.rails?Mid=200256859#last", and when you generate the page last msg should have id/name=last


    6. Now when I look at it: it's hard to see who is talking to who, where are questions and where are the answers, there are no dates. If I reply to somebody in my guestbook write "David reply:", otherwise it looks like one post from same person, with different color.

    7. When I search there, do I search the online list? (Now i see I can search by location, when I wrote first post I didn't check the pages, just wrote what I remembered)

    8. -

    9. -

    <span class="Apple-style-span" style="border-collapse: collapse; font-f

  • David
    David wrote:

     Cool, for some reasone my msg was cut.


    10. I speak 3 + broken chinese, and I'm sure a lot of other people speak more than 2


    11. -


    12. Of course it's not, and I know it is less important tha optimizing the queries. But still, pages will load faster. How many queries you have on the main page (should be 6 total but 4 of them should be cached)? And this(should be 2+right bar if menus are cached) (topic) page for registered user?


    13. -


    14. I will check this again later.


    15. -


    16. Make sense. But if the first picture doesn't make them happy, maybe another one will.


    17. - 21. -


    22. I mean, when i check user's profile, would be nice to know when he joined. But no I think it might be not good, will create user categories old/new.


    23. Yes, maybe there a cute girl I would never see on the user page, but this will give me a chance to find her.


    24. What do you mean more clear? I want to remove somebody from my friends list, that person makes me feel shame (just an example)


    25. -


    26. The logo link have double slash //



    in a hurry, so sorry for typos.

  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    Yea the fckeditor we use is behaving like a spoiled 4 year old that's teased with a chocolate :P 

    1. Yep, both uses WebKit but for some reasons there's still differencies. I dont know WebKit enough to say if it's modded for each browser or what..

    4. Agree.

    5. Then the user wont get to read the topic. The header and footer is a different issue. WLIB is not our only community, so we cant do changes on that part without solving it on all. But I want the header to look better and use space more efficient as well :-)

    10: I know, but we dont want to ask for too much in the registration, and we dont have a way to get people to add info after signing up now (we do, but it need to be optimized). Anyways, we might add this later - no promises :-) 

    12. Not my table, but I know the frontpage is tweaked good.

    16. Maybe, but anyways.. I want to get up a calendar and a proper nightlife photos page instead.

    23. Hehe, I'll look into solving that one with a nightlife page or something instead.

    26. I'll do a major find-replace some day ;) 


  • David
    David wrote:

     14. Link in email with www, bookmark without.  Cookie problem, can be fixed easily.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    is it some simple way to share cookies between subdomains like with and without "www"?

  • David
    David wrote:
  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    Just curious, is this site looking for investor?

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    We are funding weliveinbeijing from our company in Norway, but our funds are limited. so even though we are not active out looking for investors. We do wish we had some extra funding once in a while.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    David: When I set cookie with domain "weliveinbeijing.com" the cookie description shows up as "Domain" instead of "Host" and the domain is shown with a punctuation mark "." in front of the domain like this ".weliveinbeijing.com". And it doesn't work of natural reasons because of that. (at least not here on my local computer).

    Do you know how to solve this problem?

    The Bloc platform is not made on Ruby on Rails, it's .Net with Monorails as a template engine. The code is in C#

  • David
    David wrote:

    On the local machine you use domain like dev.wlib.com? or local address like localhost?

    What are the natural reasons for it not to work with the dot? it actually should be more compatible with the dot..

    I don't know .Net env., so can't help you with the code, but read this http://curl.haxx.se/rfc/cookie_spec.html

    And search google, I'm sure you will find the answer in seconds.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    From your url:

    When searching the cookie list for valid cookies, a comparison of the domain attributes of the cookie is made with the Internet domain name of the host from which the URL will be fetched. If there is a tail match, then the cookie will go through path matching to see if it should be sent. "Tail matching" means that domain attribute is matched against the tail of the fully qualified domain name of the host. A domain attribute of "acme.com" would match host names "anvil.acme.com" as well as "shipping.crate.acme.com"."

    Local i'm using dev.weliveinbeijing.com, I would think that with the dot it can't read cookies from "weliveinbeijing.com" as it is no dot. It might be able to read cookies from both "dev.weliveinbeijing.com" and "public.weliveinbeijng.com" as both of them will include the dot in the beginning of the domain name. However I haven't tested it.

    Problem is that the cookie adds a extra dot in the beginning of the domain name for some reason. The reason might have something to do with this:

    "Only hosts within the specified domain can set a cookie for a domain and domains must have at least two (2) or three (3) periods in them to prevent domains of the form: ".com", ".edu", and "va.us". Any domain that fails within one of the seven special top level domains listed below only require two periods. Any other domain requires at least three. The seven special top level domains are: "COM", "EDU", "NET", "ORG", "GOV", "MIL", and "INT"."

    But this again doesn't really make much sense, does it? I mean, at least if it should be possible to share cookies between with and without "www".

    Google haven't been very nice to me on this problem, but i'll try some more :-)

  • David
    David wrote:


    "Problem is that the cookie adds a extra dot in the beginning of the domain name for some reason" --- Well, the bad thing is: .Net does what it want not what you tell it; the good thing is: the dot should be there. If you set cookie for ".abc.com" both "abc.com" and "www.abc.com" will be able to read this cookie.

    In any case if you won't find solution, just don't spend any more time on it, create a simple redirect from http://wlib.com/?x to http://www.wlib.com/?x, than no one will have this problem as everybody will go to domain with www.

    Another, ugly (idea/) solution is here 15seconds.com/issue/971108.htm basically also use a redirect to get data from another (sub)domain.


    Btw, I see "Delete" link under every post, mine and not.


  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    Alright, it doesn't work local. But on the next update (maybe tonight, else on monday) we'll deploy the code where we are setting the domain. And we'll see if it works or not :)

    I want to avoid the redirect solution. And the 15seconds guy solution was a little too ugly  :)


  • David
    David wrote:

    In this topic I have "Delete" link under every comment, yours, mine and others (because I'm the topic starter probably), in other topics I can only delete my own reply. Guess it's a bug.

  • David
    David wrote:

    Forgot to say: the redirect solution is used by most of website, if you open http://google.com/ you will be moved to http://www.google.com/ same with yahoo.com, microsoft.com and a lot of other wesbites, it eliminate a lot of problems.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    ah, I didnt see that you are the thread starter. The threadstarter is suppose to be able to sensur everyones reply. It's not a bug, it's a feature ;)


  • David
    David wrote:

    I call it a bug :-)

    So I can go ahead and delete this thread after maybe few weeks when there are hundreds of replies and a lot of people participating... logical :-)

    Even deleting my own reply is not good, people will answer, and if I have a bad mood I will just delete it and the next person will have no idea what people are talking about.

    I belive there should be no option of deleting created content by people, they should think before posting, but in current situation, I can post any sh*t I want and just delete it before the "admins" block me. 

    Sense of responsibility...


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