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  • Benjamin Baumer (虣倢命)
    Benjamin Baumer (虣倢命) wrote:

     I haven't seen too many of them, and I'm interested in seeing more.  What are some good ones?  List the title and genre (the type of movie) it is.



  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)
  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)

    台湾电影: 海角七号

    1895 (是台湾拍的1895,不是大陆拍的“台湾1895”)


    还有就是 胡戈 拍的所有恶搞电影


    还有二零零零年的 “荆轲刺秦王” , 很好,很细腻

  • Maeda Yoshitaka


  • Amy
    Amy wrote:

    I like 《Top Notch》very much. It is funny. You can try it.

  • Ciel Chong
    Ciel Chong wrote:


  • Jackdanger
    Jackdanger wrote:


    What's the best  worlds Movie?  no best in flim……

  • 北影厂彪子

    which kind?

    《有话好好说》  《活着》

  • Alfie Wang
    Alfie Wang wrote:



  • PRC Psycho
    PRC Psycho wrote:

    beautiful big foot! (美麗的大腳!) i hardly watch Chinese movies but this one i really like ,very affecting movie!

  • Ernest Tian
    Ernest Tian wrote:


  • Zhuolun Cheng
    Zhuolun Cheng wrote:


    I consider Farewell my concubine(霸王别姬) as the best Chinese movie. Do you agree with me?
    There are several reasons for strongly recommending this film as follows: first of all, historical accuracy! Farewell my Concubine is exceptionally accurate in portraying the monumental changes that were sweeping China at that time. Over more, The plot is a fascinating tragedy, and surprised me in its depth and technical skill. China's finest actors demonstrate their ability to carry a story that covers 52 years. Finally, you could also appreciate the most classic performance of Peking Opera A splendid movie!
  • Annie
    Annie wrote:


  • Helena Fu
    Helena Fu wrote:

    喜欢 东邪西毒。唯美主义的

  • Ernest
    Ernest wrote:





  • Cong Ling
    Cong Ling wrote:





  • Fletcher
    Fletcher wrote:

    no good movies these days ,but ye wen is good


  • 蒋曼曼
    蒋曼曼 wrote:


  • Reyes
    Reyes wrote:


  • Doven Sorge
    Doven Sorge wrote:


  • 残乐
    残乐 wrote:

    我喜欢 有话好好说~  拍摄的风格很能抓住观众~~

  • Peter Baird
    Peter Baird wrote:

    I like pretty much everything by Zhang Yimou. Hero, House of Flying Daggers, To Live, Raise the Red Lantern-all great movies.

  • Kathy
    Kathy wrote:



  • Ihj
    Ihj wrote:

    霸王别姬,独自等待and so on ~

  • Junya Guo
    Junya Guo wrote:

    活着 的确不错,小说也很棒,最近特别想看 南京南京

    YUKI HAN wrote:


  • Echo
    Echo wrote:




  • Ailing
    Ailing wrote:

    Guo nian

  • Jully
    Jully wrote:



  • Judy
    Judy wrote:


  • ____
    ____ wrote:

    Happy Together from Wong Kar Wei.

    Lots of Wong's works are outstanding movies.

  • Sese Hou
    Sese Hou wrote:

    这个问题本来就问的有问题,什么叫做中国最好的电影? the best Chinese Movie?


  • 爱跑的小饭


  • Lullabydidi
    Lullabydidi wrote:

    In the history of Chinese filmthere are many good film.a lot of old movies very nice. 

    For example:


    路天使》Angels on the Road 1937

      director: 袁牧之 Mouzhi Yuan


    《一江春水向流》A Spring River Flows East1947

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  • Lullabydidi
    Lullabydidi wrote:

    In the history of Chinese filmthere are many good film.a lot of old movies very nice. For example:

    《马路天使》(Angels on the Road )1937 director: 袁牧之 Mouzhi Yuan

    《一江春水向东流》(A Spring River Flows East)1947

    director: 蔡楚生 Chusheng Cai &郑君里 Junli Zheng

    《乌鸦与麻雀》(Crow and Sparrow/Wuya yu maque )1949

    director: 郑君里 Junli Zheng 

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  • Lullabydidi
    Lullabydidi wrote:

    Ah, this layout really annoying!

  • Molly
    Molly wrote:

    杀破狼--- 结尾很有教育意义,杀了仇人却也间接的杀了自己的亲人

    逃学威龙1---很有共鸣 it kind of reminds me of my school life!

  • 柯威
    柯威 wrote:
    《一一》 (台湾电影)。。。 千里走单骑
  • Joy
    Joy wrote:

    疯狂石头~it's very funny

  • C. Ishimaru
    C. Ishimaru wrote:

    <刮痧> it is a quite old movie and acted by 梁家辉.

    shows culture shock between Chinese and Americans, also emphasises the love in the Chinese family. quite incredible~

    i also recommend <活着>

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