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  • Simon
    Simon wrote:

    Every race has its racial costume. For instance, Japs is Kimono (came from Han Costume), Scotch has its Kilt, but, if you are a Han person, are you sure that you really understand your own racial costume?

    This type of costume, our ancestor had been dressed for more than five thousands years! (wondering images, pls type "Han costume" on google site, or "汉服" on Baidu site.) Han costume is not even performing our han racial spirit, but also being an important part of Han race.

    From Qing Dynasty, 17th century, though its cut-off policy, after massacring Jiangyin city (killed 170 thousands han people), Jiading city and other many cities in south China, thousands and hundreds of han people, Man Qing ruler made us forgotten our racial costume successfully. More than three hundreds years had been gone, our had forgotten our racial costume completely.

    Recently, some ultraists announce that dressing Han costume is a kind of reversion, and some ones even define it as nationalism (especially western people).

    Herein, I wannta tell you, my advanced fellows: you are just a band of pathetic ignorant pilgarlic!

    子曰:有服章之美謂之華,有禮儀之大謂之夏, 何日復我漢兒華服?!

  • Colof
    Colof wrote:

    This is a old question about HAN costume coming back。Although we should respect our history, we should still respect personal's chioce~ I think.

    WUWEI wrote:

    Support Han costume, but why there is no people  wears it on the street.. Compared  with Han constume, QI Pao is more popular and sexy than Han.  

    "people without Han costume are pathetic ignorant pilgarlics  " ? ----too serious for most of people. i

  • Simon
    Simon wrote:

    To Jason:

    Thanks for your voting to me! hehe, Maybe you don't kown Han costume is more beautiful and sexy than Qi Pao, especially for Ru Skirt (A sort of Han costume), more images you will find on my website here.

    According to your criticism, I believe that it's my un-accuracy expression in English, my factually said to those who deny dressing Han Costume.

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