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  • Bincurd
    Bincurd wrote:

    Rummy is a really fun game!

  • Annie
    Annie wrote:

    Yes I love board games

    but I'm easy to get bored with just one or two games


  • Bincurd
    Bincurd wrote:

    Agree, me too.

    It is usual to follow a fixed way after played a game several times, and lose interesting. 

    So, let's try more games, haha.

  • DLoya
    DLoya wrote:

    I like strategy board games such as Risk :)

  • 残乐
    残乐 wrote:

    what's board game?

    i like all kinds of games~~

  • Pete DeMola
    Pete DeMola wrote:

    A few years ago, my friends and I were trying to find Monopoly for sale here in Beijing... but no luck. Any ideas?

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee wrote:

    Uno is funny too.

  • Renee
    Renee wrote:

    I have just learned about BG this winter and found it very intresting. It's not like the homogeneous oline games at present.  it's a good way to kill ur time and get together with ur friends or families.^^

    There are some BG bars here in Beijing, and I went to one of them in Xizhimen. kinda good place.

    to Pete: http://shop35364529.taobao.com/?asker=wangwang I hope this helps. If u live in Beijing, u can get the game in person.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Pete, you can find a few versions of Monopoly in BJ ... you can try the shop at Li-Du Holiday Inn... last year I went there for lunch, and I think they have English version ...

    I love playing Acquire ... I heard there is an online version ... but can never find it

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