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  • David Lancashire
    David Lancashire wrote:

    My company is Popup Chinese (http://popupchinese.com). We are based near Dongzhimen and need to fill a fulltime position tht involves mostly media and administrative work.

    We're looking for a female Chinese university graduate with good Chinese who is creative and independent, has good English, can start work relatively shortly, and is fun and outgoing.  The successful candidate will be joining us in our studio on Dongzhimen and helping us run our business. You'll be playing a key role in a growing company.

    If you're interested please send a copy of your resume (a Chinese resume is fine) along with a recent photo or link to where we can find one to service@popupchinese.com. Please include a phone number where we can contact you as well - our first move will be a quick call to assess your english proficiency and figure out what you are like as a person. We also have part-time work available, but if you are not available for full-time work please state that in your email.

    Remuneration: 4000 RMB negotiable depending on your degree of awesomeness. We are looking for employees who can help us grow and believe in sharing the growth with our employees.

  • Robert.liu
    Robert.liu wrote:

    hello sir, firstly I'm a guy,  I want you to know that I'm a fanatical english fancier, I like english, like western curture, like talking with western english speaker, male or female(prefer beautiful female of course), certainly I dont meet with your requirement, the point is, could I do something involving english speaking for you, it's ok if no pay, as long as I get chance to speak english.

  • Mu Dirty Dishes

    it sounds really nice,im sending my CV to you,please check soon :)

  • V. Bilrost
    V. Bilrost wrote:

    im interested in too, wonder if you have found the person

  • Fallencat
    Fallencat wrote:

    it's a good opportunity. and good pay as well.


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  • Yoyogenie
    Yoyogenie wrote:

    CV sent, looking for part time job

  • Susu
    Susu wrote:

    looking for part time job and sent CV

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