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  • Ash Tofu
    Ash Tofu wrote:

    I highly recommend Shaolin KungFu as you choice of excercise to keep fit! I'm curently training with Wang Chun Min (details of which i will place below), and strongly recommend his training services!  :)


    Shaolin Kung-Fu


    (Chinese/English instructor in WuDaoKou)


    Very experienced in teaching foreigners

    - Graduated from Tagou - the most famous school in Shaolin

    - Winner of many competitions (Henan Province)


    1) Different styles

    - Shaolin traditional forms and weapons

    - Sanda ( Chinese free fighting/kick boxing)

    - Taiji / weapons


    2) Requirements

    Show dedication and interest.

    Attend class with a strong and focused mind whilst at the same time having fun, keeping fit and experiencing new limits.


    3) Training times

    Tuesday and Thursday from 5-7pm

    Saturday from 2-5pm


    4) Cost

    First class free of charge!

    28 hours per month - RMB400


    5) Place

    Close to WuDaoKou subway station

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    i see advertisement !!!! keep this place clean!!!

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    Hehe : ) Usually its me getting angry at people over adverts!

    I don't really mind the advertisements, as long as they are in their own thread. What I really hate is when people randomly post them in unrelated threads.

  • Melisse
    Melisse wrote:

    嘿,我想问下  advertise 的名词是不是你所讲的 advertisements

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    advertise是动词,advertisement是个名词. adverts不是个词,是advertisement的简称。

    例如:I advertise on the internet.   I put an advertisement on the internet.

    He knows how to advertise.   He knows how to make advertisements.


  • Melisse
    Melisse wrote:

    wow 略懂一些了 不过谢谢你哈~

  • Ting
    Ting wrote:

    wudaokou, god ,the traffic's awful there

  • Ash Tofu
    Ash Tofu wrote:

    It's not an advertisement!

    it is an honest reccomendation

    I am just one of his students and I truely believe he is an awesome teacher

    just spreading the word

  • Ash Tofu
    Ash Tofu wrote:

    what would this forum be for then?

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