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  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:


    As I cant speak or write chinese, I need some help on finding a good name for the weliveinbeijing community, but not only for beijing - for whole china.

    Our world-wide domain is "Bloc.net". Bloc means something like "a group" or "a clan", and I've found that the Chinese characters for "Bloc" is this: 


    The first characters looks like a tree with branches and a bird on the top, left corner.. while the second character is a box with a person inside.. so "branches-person" makes sense to the translation "bloc".


    As this should be a name for "The Chinese Bloc", I think there should be another characters. So, any suggestions? Also open for other suggestions without those 2 characters :-)

    Let's hear your suggestions (both in chinese characters and pinyin)


  • Sola LIU
    Sola LIU wrote:

     hi boy, 集团is not so cool here... 集团 usually use for a company but not a bloc.... and 集团is also not cute, it is not a fashion word but somewhat a little bit lifeless... i think we need a word which is cute, popular, with chinese culture and very easy to remember, right ?

    let me think about it ...whenever i have some idea, will post it to u ~~:)

  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    Great feedback Sola :-) I kinda suspected it to be a bit too serious, as I've seen it on the end of some company names on tall buildings..

    Most important is that it's easy to remember, and that it makes you want to check it out when you hear or read the name :-)

    What's the most important? That the name looks good in form of characters, or that it sound good when pronounced?


    PS! Found a pretty comprehensive article about brand names and China here if anyone brand/marketing interested want some reading:



  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    On a side note, please talk to 左臻 about posting advertisements on the forums. i.e.http://www.weliveinbeijing.com/forum/thread.rails?Tid=1000000156

  • Sola LIU
    Sola LIU wrote:

    What's the most important? That the name looks good in form of characters, or that it sound good when pronounced?---- i think both of them are improtant... The pronunciation  makes it sounds good and easy to remember, the characters show the meaning of the name. and there maybe another thing is that the pronunciation can be also means another related thing, which is the charming of chinese characters:) 


    i am still thinking about it ~~~:)

  • Sola LIU
    Sola LIU wrote:

    hey Ole, I am thinking of a name 京臣五方。

    京, u know, the place, the city ----Beijing

    臣, is a traditional word which means 臣民,子民here, in English, the residents, the children, the people of Beijing, and 臣 also much sounds like people who is gentle, educated, and loyalty etc.

    五方 is also a traditional chinese word, means 5 directions: east, west, south, North and center .  When ppl say 五方, they mean everywhere, and 五方also has a metaphor of gathering. To be used in WELIVEINBEIJING, it just fits our needs--- ppl come from every where and they meet in Beijing:)

    So all in all , 京臣五方 means whatever the place u come from, now we r gathering in Beijing, we all have an indentity Beijinger~~; and the bloc, the community which located in Beijing, but more than Beijing, it gathering ppl fron the world wide, it is a new way of world based localization :)

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    Awareness, Recognition is the issue :P

  • Mu Dirty Dishes

    fun topic people

  • Chun Chun
    Chun Chun wrote:

    I like the "漂在北京" (piao zai bei jing) one on Facebook

  • Mu Dirty Dishes

    my mate named this site 北漂网,thats dope and very beijing funky style!

  • Sola LIU
    Sola LIU wrote:

    hi Peter, i think in the case of shanghai, we'd better use 沪,which is the simple name instead of shanghai:)

  • Ziyao Zhou
    Ziyao Zhou wrote:

    I see some nice suggestions coming from Sola. Loved that 京臣五方 one.

  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    Cool if you add how it's written in pinyin as well :-)

  • Yang Scorpio
    Yang Scorpio wrote:


  • Mu Dirty Dishes


  • Stanley
    Stanley wrote:

    I really love the name 加友,suggested by Peter!!! Or we can call it 加友北京!!! Since the site serves as a platform for locals and expats in Beijing to make friends and better communicate, the name 加友北京 is definitely suitable! Besides, 加友 sounds very similar to 加油,meaning “Come On,Beijing!!!" I'm strongly for 加友北京!!!It's not only easy to remember, but reveals the friends-making nature of this site!

    As for the name 京臣五方, it's also a good one, though, I don't think it's suitable for a website like this. 京臣五方 is way too professional! Being a Chinese, I don't quite understand it. BTW, Sola, are you a Chinese major? Moreover, it can be misinterpreted in many ways. I'm sure many Chinese people will associate it with 嫩牛五方...lol, or they may think 京臣五方 might be a sort of food that combines 老北京鸡肉卷 and 嫩牛五方...lol, just kidding... and no offend. What I mean is the name is not easy to understand or to remember, let alone for expats. Admittedly, this is the name for Chinese people, yet I don't think people will get anything other than the name itself from it. People get no infomation from the name of what this site it about, since no hint is provided about the website's friends-making use or whatever...

    More importantly, 京臣五方 is not as likely to be googled as 加友北京,which may impede the website's development somehow...

  • Ziyao Zhou
    Ziyao Zhou wrote:

    @ Ole: Jing Chen Wu Fang

  • Yinan Song
    Yinan Song wrote:

    agree on that 京臣五方one

  • 陈敏
    陈敏 wrote:

    京臣五方reminds me of 屈臣氏, a well known convenience store chain. anyway, it is just a thought. haha~~ 

  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)

    1) 北京部落

    2) 集合北京

    3) 北京组

    4) 北京组合

    5) 北京复合体

    6) 北京共生体

    7) 单元

  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)


  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)

    Ola: 我是切-格瓦拉








  • Ziyao Zhou
    Ziyao Zhou wrote:


  • Fir_Zhou
    Fir_Zhou wrote:



  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    My understanding of Chinese slang is terrible, so feel free to correct me ... I think 漂 mainly means people who came from outside Beijing, but with the root elsewhere, China or overseas, so by calling this 漂在北京 ... would it kind of hinting that local BJ folks are excluded?

    As for  北漂网 ... it can be interpreted as people coming from the south, and as a fact, we do have people from all kinds of direction ...

     ... for many times, I told people I came from the south of Beijing, and they started guessing, Guangdong, Hong Kong, and then I would say even further south, then Singapore was their last guess ... and that prompted me to think, what happened to Australia and New Zealand?

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Oh ... I nearly forgot ... I vote for 京臣五方 too ...


  • NN
    NN wrote:

    京臣五方   yeah...I second this name,sounds nice and indeed professional,but dont think will be misinterpreted 

  • Da Fan
    Da Fan wrote:

    京臣五方 sounds good, but to be frank, it more sounds like a real estate project name, not a SNS.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    The last two: "五方" reminds me of KFC ... they have got a "嫩牛五方"

    Damn, how do I associate food with everything ...

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