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    There is not so much attractiveness of this website, which it not user-friendly and needs lot of improvements.


  • Daniel Hoo
    Daniel Hoo wrote:

    why? what do u want? like online chat function?

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    1. Access of this website is a little slow
    2. It should be user-friendly
    3. More functinalities

    otherwise, the users will not use this site frequently


  • Spike Qian
    Spike Qian wrote:

     The idea and design is good though. Let's just wait and see

  • Monica Hong
    Monica Hong wrote:

    i think its a good place for people to know each other. but we r just like only chat on our only pages, theres no too much communication that can get people all together. or like some "iLike" stuff in facebook. if people all like the parties and music here, y cant we just make up some special section or page for the bands or the music houses, and let them post us their info. well, i donno. i just randomly saying... but u guys r doing really good! ill always surport u!! we ll c

  • Kingson Liu
    Kingson Liu wrote:

    message me the details of what u thought :) we would do our best to improve the user experience!

  • Shane
    Shane wrote:

    I really like this site. Honestly, I couldn't care less for what sites like Facebook have recently done. All these extra applications and the lot are a nuisance, really detracting from the overall value and main purpose of the site.

    There are some ways it could be better I'm sure, but lets not let it become filled with "apps" and all that other garbage.

  • Monica Hong
    Monica Hong wrote:


  • Michael Lee
    Michael Lee wrote:

    So call feature refers to function I think, but how fabulous should it be?

    Chasing facebook? For me,  I have to say no.

    It is community, not a game plat form. If we can find real thing fun and real people fun, that will be great.

    The theme of this site is clear and straight forward, for people who live and work ing Beijing. Easy focus! 

  • Mai Quant
    Mai Quant wrote:

    hey guys! thanks for all the comments.. good and bad. We are working hard every day to make the site better for everyone.

    Stay with us and you will see how there will be tons of improvements and more fun



  • Ken
    Ken wrote:




  • Gracie-Bear
    Gracie-Bear wrote:

    i like the layout though. :]

  • Junyi
    Junyi wrote:



  • 南宫·宇
    南宫·宇 wrote:

    looking forward to your improvement.......i like it now anyway

  • Alex
    Alex wrote:

    well i think this site is quite unique,

    wut we have here distincts us from other sites, im sure you dont want a duplicate of facebook?! If you more functions why dont u just go play with facebook or xiaonei instead?

    however, there are rooms for improvement.

  • Wildance12
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  • Junyi
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  • Www.artspy.cn
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  • Yang Scorpio
    Yang Scorpio wrote:

    web pages always display "web error"  i've tried thousand ways but no use

  • 君寻
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  • Bell Bei
    Bell Bei wrote:

    i cant even edit my profile! Somebody do sth!

  • Checkered
    Checkered wrote:

    so many bugs, so less features, just passport for you knowing ppl and quickly addin' em on msn..qq...:(

  • Warren
    Warren wrote:

    I hope WeLiveInBeijing can keep away from all the add-in "bells and whistles" that are more annoying than anything on Facebook. It also does give me a sense of community with others who join here, seeing that the majority put up their real photos instead of hiding behind anonymity.But, WLIB is still too slow and the profile section needs improvement.

  • Checkered
    Checkered wrote:

    agreed Warren but if this site is just acting like a business card, it lacks meaning, coz people just get msn, qq. numbers and communicate privately, which is helpless to the development of the site...eveutally this site is gonna be called pimp house

  • Warren
    Warren wrote:

    Good point, Cady. And I like your way with words!  Is there any way to fix that? I mean...avoiding turning this into a pimp house?

  • Tina
    Tina wrote:

    well,i like here is a website for people live in bj,and both my chinese (who just can speak chinese)and foreign friends are all can use it,but seems not much fun of here. dont think chinese facebook is a bad idea, u can choose fill with apps or not. oh,chinese facebook is kaixin001 and xiaonei,here can to be bj facebook :)

  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)

    Make this place more "wikified" than facebook. Don't just give people existing applications. Have them create whatever final product they want.

    Your site will boom.

    I just created a "public blog" using the "group" application of the forum, and then created my blogposts using the "news" application which is editable.

    Give people the instruction so that they can use these tools to the full.

    Che Obama-Guevara's Public Blog 格瓦拉的公众博客

    Wikipedia, or a wiki-open source blogspace is where people can turn unspecified tools into their own specific applications.

    Facebook is a place where applications are churned out by the makers of applications for others to use (I call these the "application merchants").

    What's worst, most Chinese web communities are huge shopping malls with flashing gifs and pop up windows. HOnestly I don't care about buying condoms, video games and movies.

    I like WeLiveInBeijing because it's somewhat like Danwei, with some journalists who go around digging the interesting cultural news stories of the city. Beijing has a booming avangarde, pop and alternative cultural scene. I want this place to become where people can discuss Jean-Paul Sartre and Ai Wei Wei. Start bringing this theme in.

  • Che Obama-Guevara (洋雷锋)

    From 12am Monday to 11:59pm Sunday every week, play a one-two hour long movie you can stream from the internet. Make the screen big. Put the movie screen right in the middle of the Main Page.

    If the Main Page of this site is a movie theatre, people will be glued to it.

    Give people a weekly regular feature that they look forward to, like a long movie to stream.

    Make this movie cultural and deep.

  • Joakim Lund Rangel

    I like the ideas coming up here, not everything is solved very quickly. But I'm writing a lot of it down for later :)

  • PRC Psycho
    PRC Psycho wrote:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like it! like it! haven't read or think for many days ,this place is unique,bring all different people from different places could be fun! but the problem is" Access of this website is a little slow".......argh!  but i believe it's gonna better later anyway.i will spend my time on this place a lot!

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