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  • Colin Friedman
    Colin Friedman wrote:

    A friend is looking for someone to join his company's team as an assistant..

    Job description:
    1) To receive and monitor samples, to deal with samples import
    2) To send samples and specs. to customers.
    3) To monitor customers reaction on samples.
    4) To follow up orders and shipments.
    6) To deal with all logistic needs of XXX China operation, hotels, flight tickets.

    Personal qualifications:
    1. Fluent in English.
    2. Excellent personal communication.
    3. Self disciplined, well organized, reliable, with strong initiative.
    4. Technical skills.
    5. Preferred Technical Background in food or chemical or agricultural industry.


    Then call me 139 1109 8002 and I will provide the contact information.

  • Hanyang
    Hanyang wrote:

     I don't know if your friend has already got the assistant,coz the post has been here for 26 weeks....I am interested in this job. I hope you could tell me an email for contact.

    Thank you~

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