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  • Kevin Cheung
    Kevin Cheung wrote:

    How to get a QQ account in English

    QQ, for those that don't know, is China's most popular IM software. Usage is so widespread that among the younger generation you're near as likely to get someone's QQ # as you are their mobile number.

    For expats in China and wishing to make friends with local Chinese, having a QQ account is a must. Though Western-based IMs are also popular, with Windows Live Messenger quickly grabbing ground from Tencents QQ, using the Chinese-made product will win you lots of points with your new found friends.

    Though Tencent has had an English version of the QQ software since 2005, until recently English-speaking QQ-wannabes had to bribe their Chinese friends to do the registration process for them, asking them to signup and get them a coveted QQ # that can be plugged into the software and connect you to the Chinese IM world.

    my QQ number is 3900732 ,awaiting for your touch!

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